Corporate Identity Sheet


The SWDE Company - Walloon Water Company

Legal Status of Company

SWDE is a Public Works Organisation with industrial and commercial competences. It is a Private Limited Company (Société Coopérative à Responsabilité Limitée - SCRL) incorporated under Belgian Law


General Manager

Mr. Emmanuël Serusiaux

Mr. Marc Deconinck



Main Activities


  • Drinking water production
  • Water collection
  • Public supply


Rue de la Concorde, 41

Post Code











159.000.000 €


1.500 employees

Number of Connected Clients

+/- 770.000

Particular Areas of Competence
  • Electro-Mechanical
  • Robotics and Automation
  • Testing and Measuring
  • Underground Water Collection
  • Surface Water Collection
  • Management of water supply systems
  • Quality control and analysis of water supply
  • Studies of new water supply systems (water towers, reservoirs and pumping stations)
  • Studies of preventive measures against pollution of water collection systems
  • Expansion and maintenance of water supply systems
  • Organisation of seminars on water production and supply for specialist audiences and the general public

Description of the Company

SWDE is a Public Works Organisation with industrial and commercial competences which covers Wallonia. SWDE produces and supplies water to strict quality controlled standards for the comfort and satisfaction of its clients. SWDE has reserves of 100 million cubic metres of underground water, and 33 million cubic metres in surface reservoirs. It supplies 1,900,000 clients via 770,000 connections.

Engineering, quality and service are the key words for SWDE.

SWDE’s Strong Points


An integrated approach to the production and supply of drinking water

SWDE covers the production of water, its treatment, transport, supply and related services.


Technical Efficiency

SWDE provides a complete service to its consumers and partners, research and studies, laboratory, exploitation, recovery, call centre, etc.

SWDE has the flexible ability to develop, install and operate everything required for water production and supply, from small-scale, technically straightforward, low-cost installations for rural authorities to the ultramodern infrastructure required by a city.


Diversified Infrastructure

The SWDE network includes 334 collection stations, 912 reservoirs and water towers, 549 pumping stations, 97 treatment plants for drinking water production, a BELTEST-recognised and accredited laboratory, and 29.000 kilometres of pipes.


Stability & Continuity

SWDE has a successful policy of self-financing and carefully depreciating its investments. It also assiduously controls its operating costs to ensure the stability and independent continuity of the company.


Study and Research Service

SWDE has a complete study and research service with engineers, scientists, technicians and designers - all specialists in the water industry. This service can undertake any project from resource protection, collection systems, installation of water supply systems, and all forms of construction works.