Corporate Identity Sheet



Legal Status

A non-profit making association (Association Sans But Lucratif - ASBL) registered under Belgian Law


General Manager

Mr. Jacques Schlitz

Mr. Arnaud Dewez



Main Activities

Provision of Consultancy services


Chaussée de Namur 47

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+ 32 81 62 73 07


+ 32 81 62 73 08


1.000.000 €


16 employees

Particular Areas of Competence
  • Agricultural Consultancy Services
Description of the Company


Better management of nitrates and water protection with


Who are we?

NITRAWAL is a non-profit making association. Its task is to reconcile agriculture and the environment, particularly in terms of safeguarding water resources. Its main objective is to integrate the management of nitrates into everyday agricultural practice, thus reducing nitrate run-offs into the water table.

NITRAWAL covers all of Wallonia, but focuses on zones at risk, and those with particular environmental needs.

The NITRAWAL team is made up of fifteen people, technicians and engineers, based in four regional action centres, and a co-ordination centre located at Gembloux.

Personalised Technical Consultancy

NITRAWAL offers farmers a free personalised technical consultancy service, and the necessary administrative to comply with the Programme for sustainable nitrate management in agriculture.

NITRAWAL advice is concentrated along three main axes :

  • Being In balance with nature - the soil
  • Bringing storage facilities into line with established norms
  • Respecting the Code of Best Agricultural Practice

The aim of the work between NITRAWAL and the farmer is to improve the use of nitrates at all stages of agricultural production. Among the methods employed are: reasonable fertilisation of crops, new grassland techniques, and a rational management of organic matter and crop residues.

Our Structure

NITRAWAL was established in December 2000 at the instigation of the Walloon Ministers of Agriculture and of the Environment, Mr. Happart and Mr. Foret and is supported by a framework agreement with the Walloon Government. NITRAWAL’s Board of Directors brings together representatives of Aquawal (the regional water industry association representing producers, suppliers and waste water treatment operators), the Walloon Agricultural Federation, the University Faculty of Agronomic Sciences of Gembloux, and the Catholic University of Louvain-La-Neuve. These four partners, together with NITRAWAL, provide the framework for realising the Walloon programme for sustainable nitrate management.

Our Services
  1. Technical Information
  2. Personalised Service
  3. Quality Approach
  4. A market for exchanging animal effluents
  5. Services to businesses, public administration and the associative sector


For further information, call NITRAWAL on +, or visit our Website at".