Corporate Identity Sheet


I.E.C.B.W. - The Inter-Authority Water Agency for Central Brabant Wallon

Legal Status of Company

Private Limited Company (Société Coopérative à Responsabilité Limitée - SCRL) incorporated under Belgian Law


General Manager

Mr. Gérard Hancq

Mr. Alain Gillis


Main Activities


  • Collection
  • Production
  • Distribution - Supply
  • Public Service
  • Research


Rue de l’Abbaye, 8

Post Code







0032 2 634 03 50


0032 2 633 32 50


18.000.000 €


52 employees

Number of Connected Clients


Particular Areas of Competence
  • Control Systems
  • Electro-Mechanical
  • Conductors and Insulators
  • Energy (productions, transport, distribution, conservation and utilities)
  • Robotics and Automation
  • Signal Processing
  • Testing and Measuring
Description of the Company

As a producer of drinking water, the IECBW operates the public service water supply in nine local authority areas in the Province of Brabant Wallon (Belgium): Braine l'Alleud, Braine le Château (section de Wauthier Braine), Court Saint Etienne, Genappe, Lasne, Mont Saint Guibert, Ottignies LLN, Rixensart (Genval sector) and Waterloo.
The IECBW produces 2.7 million cubic metres of the water it needs each year. The balance of its requirements, some 6.15 million cubic metres, it buys from other Walloon producers, 93% from CIBE, 6.5% from IEVT, and 0.5% from SWDE.

The IECBW manages 15 wells, 4 water collection galleries, 3 water towers, 14 storage reservoirs (including 2 of vitrified steel), 12 pumping stations, 70 kilometres of main line aqueducts, and 12 stand-by water supply sources. Most of the company’s water extraction points exploit the Brussels sand basin. However, 2 wells tap the Dyle cretaceous water table and 5 wells are bored right into the Palaeozoic stratum. All the IECBW extraction points are remotely managed.

IECBW uses three installations to remove excess iron and manganese from its water supply. These installations can also correct the pH balance if necessary. The purification process is continued with either single or double filtering through sand beds. Water is sterilised through a procedure exposing it to ultraviolet radiation in those installations where filtration time is limited. In other sites a hypo-chlorine sodium solution is added to the water.

The IECBW water supply network includes 1,242 kilometres of water mains with 48.,24 connected clients. About 500 new domestic connections are added to the system each year. Every year about 1.000 connections (2%) are replaced, as are 20 kilometres of mains (1.5%). IECBW supplies an average of 24.000 cubic metres of water every day, with demand peaks reaching 32,000 cubic metres.

The location of leaks is a major task for IECBW, with some personnel working full-time on this task. The company has a vehicle specially equipped for this operation with several high precision pieces of equipment including an acoustic correlator. We have managed to reduce wastage through leaks in our supply network by 17%.

To learn more about IECBW, we invite you to visit our Website - in the company of our mascot “Blouby”.