Corporate Identity Sheet


IDEA - The Inter-Authority Agency Territorial and Economic Development of Mons-Borinage and the Central Region

Legal Status of Company

Private Limited Company (Société Coopérative à Responsabilité Limitée - SCRL) incorporated under Belgian Law


General Manager

Mr. Elio Di Rupo

Mr. Jean-François Escarmelle


Main Activities


IDEA is a complete water cycle operator (production, distribution and waste water/sewage treatment). Our supply network services companies based in our Economic Activity and Industrial Estates (ZAEs),and other water distributors such as SWDE and IDELMS. IDEA does not directly supply private consumers.


Rue de Nimy

Postal Code







32 65 37 57 11


32 65 34 69 54

Chiffre d’affaires

48.288 € (2001)


545 employees (2001)

Particular Areas of Competence
  • Control Systems
  • Electro-Mechanical
  • Conductors and Insulators
  • Energy (productions, transport, distribution, conservation and utilities)
  • Robotics and Automation
  • Signal Processing
  • Testing and Measuring


Description of the Company

IDEA is a private Limited Company (SCRL) incorporated in 1955 responsible for the Territorial and Economic Development of Mons-Borinage and the Central Region of Belgium. This catchment area covers 24 local authorities and some 500,000 inhabitants.

IDEA had a staff of 545 on 31 December 2001 based at several sites, with a turnover of 48,797,618 Euro which included property transactions.

Originally the local authorities of Mons-Borinage and the Central Region set up the Inter-Authority Agency to consolidate the Haine Valley and protect the former coal-mining basin from recurrent flooding which occurred as a result of consecutive mine subsidence.

Drawing on its positive experience of the solidarity amongst its member authorities IDEA undertook a new mission - that of addressing the social and economic difficulties the region faced.

Over time IDEA has never ceased diversifying its activities and today it continues to develop and diversify, carrying out research, spatial planning and regional promotion.

In addition to its to its activities as a local economic development agency, IDEA is characterised by the range of its multi-sectoral undertakings. IDEA collects household refuse, produces and distributes water, treats waste water and sewage, and is a cable television operator.

Through its wealth-generation activities, its active involvement in regional economic development, IDEA works to improve the environment and quality of life of the residents of Mons-Borinage and the Central Region.