Corporate Identity Sheet



Legal Status of the Company

Public Limited Company (Société Anonyme - SA) incorporated under Belgian Law

Administrateur délégué


Main Activities

  • Production of processed water
  • Sewage and Waste Water Treatment
  • Treatment of Solid Residue and Waste


Avenue Lavoisier, 37

Post Code

B- 1300






+32 10 49.52.60


+32 10 49.52.61




10.000.000 Euros


15 employees

Particular Areas of Competence
  • Control systems
  • Tests & measures
  • Various processes
  • Piping -Pumping
Description of the company

Created on 3 March 1999, IBTV is the Belgian branch of Véolia Water Systems.

IBTV regroups the activities formerly carried out by SEE, a branch of OTV, IB Technologies, a branch of the construction groups Ronveaux and Dherte, and finally US Filter Belgium whose mother company, US Filter was bought by Veolia in 1999 (In the past Vivendi).

S.E.E. : (Société d’Epuration et des Entreprises” ( Water Treatment and Business Company) was set up in Brussels. A branch of the Danish company Kruger, it became, through the takeover by Kruger, part of the French group OTV and employed about 80 engineers and technicians and expanded in particular in the field of construction of water treatment stations, drinking water installations abroad (Morocco, Syria, Arabia and Tunisia).

I.B. Technologies was set up on 1 October 1992, thanks to an investment by Industrie Boraine.

Essentially operating in rural water treatment in Wallonia, it has expanded to cover aerated lagunage as well as in the biological treatment of waste water.

U.S.F. Belgium, based in Louvain-la-Neuve, specialised in inverse osmosis techniques, electrodialysis and the treatment of processed waters developed by the American mother company.

With a capitalisation of 110 millions of Belgian Francs IBTV managed to hold on to its stronghold in Belgium thanks to the participation of Sambrinvest and the civil engineering companies Ronveaux and Dherte.

Its major shareholder (with more than 80% shareholding) is the French company Veolia Water Systems (ex-OTV).

IBTV established in the Northern Zoning of Wavre and is the depository of the experience and expertise of these three companies.

It employs 15 technicians and engineers and has a turnover of almost 10 million euro on the Belgian market.

IBTV is a representative for the ensemble of the techniques developed by OTV such as the BIOCARBONE ® , B2A® , BIOSEP® , BIOLIFT® , PYROFLUID® , AQUILAIR® procedures associated with the concept of water treatment stations but equally by USF.

It is the only company in the Veolia Water Systems group to operate in Belgium in the field of waste water treatment.

Our clients are not only Inter Authority Walloon and Flemish companies (A.I.D.E., A.I.V.E., I.N.A.S.E.P., I.G.R.E.T.E.C., I.P.A.L.L.E., I.B.M., I.D.E.A, PIDPA, IVVO, etc.) but also companies such as GLAVERBEL, JANSSENS PHARMACEUTICA, BHA, Raffinerie Tirlemontoise (Genappe), B.N.B., J.S.R., A.L.C.O.N., GSK, Lilly and hospitals, etc.