Public drainage systems for waste water covers the whole range of activities involved in the construction and operation of public waste water treatment stations.

There are three main forms of investment :

1. Priority local sewage systems - the necessary network of pipes and sewers to collect and transfer waste water from the priority residential zones to the main drains and collectors;

2. The main drains - not directly connected to private properties - ending at the sewage treatment plants;

3. The sewage treatment plants are the final element of this infrastructure. Here the waste water and sewage is treated, pollutants removed, and clear water released into water courses.

This operation will be financed by a levy reflecting the real cost of water supply. This levy, once adopted, will amount to 55 cents per cubic metre. The SPGE (The Public Water Management Company) will carry out these missions and has received significant resources in order to complete them. 126 sites have been programmed for the period 200 – 2004, or an investment of one billion Euro.

By the end of the programme, 80% of Wallonia’s water will be treated. The priority has been to focus on the downstream areas and zones with a high density population.