In the Walloon Region the water cycle follows a circuit that is strictly monitored - from its initial collection right through to the consumer’s tap. Technicians sample the water every day, and at every stage of the process, in collection systems, from reservoirs and water towers... right to the end user.

Water is lightly chlorinated - between 0.1 and 0.25 mg per litre - in order to ensure its bacteriological quality all the way through to private homes.

The larger water supply companies all have their own certified laboratories which take daily samples. Up-to-the-minute high-tech checking equipment guarantees that the strict legal water standards derived from the relevant European directives are respected.

These standards cover a wide range of measurements: organoleptic (colour, smell, taste...), physical-chemical (temperature, acidity, hardness, chlorine, salt, sulphur and carbon gas levels...), micro-biological, or the presence of undesirable elements (nitrates, organic materials, metals....) and/or toxic materials (lead levels etc.).

Accordingly, every year, several hundreds of thousands of samples are analysed in Wallonia. Water quality control lies at the centre of Walloon priorities.