Corporate Identity Sheet



Legal Status of Company

Public Limited Company (Société Anonyme - SA) incorporated under Belgian Law

General manager

Ir. Jean-Georges BERGER



Type of Activites

  • Water treatment
  • Sewage treatment
  • Treatment of Solid Residues


1, rue des Sept Collines

Post Code














Main Activities and Areas of Expertise
  • Design and construction of biological sewage treatment plants, with drying and composting of solid residues, for both public authorities and industry
  • Design and construction of drying and composting plant of solid sewage residues for public authorities and industry
  • Equipment for Water Purification and Sewage Treatment Processes
  • Standardised units for purifying drinking water, the desalination of sea water, and water recycling
  • Operation and maintenance of stations, equipment and networks
  • Technical assistance with the management of hydrological projects
  • Research and Development of innovative and economic solutions for the treatment of water effluents and sewage residues

Description of the Company

COFIDO has built a solid reputation for itself in the international water industry through the environmental projects it has carried out in Algeria, Belgium, Congo, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Spain and Tunisia.

COFIDO has grown over the last ten years by expanding its services, developing its expertise, and through the acquisition of shareholdings in companies in the environmental sector and related service providers.

The waste treatment procedures it has developed such as the removal of particles, sand and oils, two-stage active sludge treatment, fixed biomass reactors, sequenced reactors, clarification, and tertiary treatments, all demonstrate COFIDO’s unrivalled skills in industrial applications in the agribusiness sector (meat, dairy, viticulture), mechanical, chemical and ceramic sectors, in addition to local authority operations.

With regards the production of drinking water, or desalination, COFIDO is able to handle all the treatment stages, including reactive additives, oxygenation, filtration, decantation and reverse osmosis.

COFIDO is particularly skilled in water recycling particularly in industrial, agricultural or leisure projects.

With regards the treatment of hard residue, COFIDO handles the management and exploitation of composting from dry residue and waste sewage and green waste.

For the treatment of hard residue, COFIDO works in partnerships on the management and unit exploitation for co-composting hard residue and green waste.

Our experience in running diverse environmental technical installations has given us outstanding abilities in terms of process automation - with completely integrated remote surveyance and control systems. This allows us to optimise station and installation performance.

COFIDO seeks to improve and refurbish water treatment installations to achieve the highest levels of environmental protection in the most economic way possible.

By producing semi-standardised equipment and frames, COFIDO has achieved high levels of logistical efficiency, thus allowing it to achieve fast, and on-time, delivery of materials to sites - wherever they are.

COFIDO’s prowess comes from the breadth of its experience in environment-related activities and from the quality of its engineers. COFIDO can thus operate as a general contractor, an equipment supplier, or as a systems installer and operator.


Refurbishment of a waste treatment station for wine-making effluents
A static biomass reactor on flexible, submersible stands
A compact sewage treatment plant for a small local authority