Corporate Identity Sheet


CILE - The Inter-Authority Liège Water Company

Legal Status of Company

Private Limited Company (Société Coopérative a Responsabilité Limitée - SCRL) incorporated under Belgian Law


General Manager

Mr. Jean-Claude PHLYPO

Mr. José Stes



Main Activities


  • Collection
  • Drinking water production
  • Public water supply


Rue du Canal de l’Ourthe 8

Post Code







0032 4 367.84.11


0032 4 367.29.33


+/- 51,150,000 Euros


320 employees

Number of Connected Clients

+/- 220.000

Particular Areas of Competence
  • Underground Water Collection
  • Management of large-scale water mains
  • Management of water supply systems
  • Quality control and analysis of water supply
  • Research into new water supply systems, wter towers, reservoirs and pumping stations
  • Research into preventive measures against pollution of water collection systems
  • Expansion and maintenance of water supply systems
  • Organisation of seminars on water production and distribution for specialist audiences
  • Installation and maintenance of water metres, and other supply installations
Description of the Company
CILE is the Inter- (Local) Authority Water Company for local authorities and other agencies in and around the city of Liege. Its primary task is a public service one of producing and supplying drinking water. CILE can handle the whole range of activities related to water purification, and protecting the quality of drinking water.

The CILE stakeholders (Local Authorities and others) :
  • Ans
  • Anthisnes
  • Awans
  • Beyne-Heusay
  • Blegny
  • Chaudfontaine
  • Comblain-au-Pont
  • Dison
  • Esneux
  • Fexhe-le-Haut-Clocher
  • Flémalle
  • Fléron
  • Grâce-Hollogne
  • Hamoir
  • Herstal
  • Huy
  • Kelmis
  • Liège
  • Marchin
  • Modave
  • Ouffet
  • Saint-Nicolas
  • Seraing
  • Stoumont
  • Tinlot
  • Trooz
  • Visé

Provinces :


  • Calamine Water Services
  • SWDE
  • SLF
  • AIDE
  • ALG
  • Management and Decision-making bodies

Board of Directors 



  • Mr. Jean-Claude PHLYPO (Blegny)


  • Ms. Marie-Paule LHOEST (Chaudfontaine)

Members of the Executive Bureau :

  • Mr. Francy DUPONT (Ans)
  • Mr. André GRAINDORGE (Flémalle)
  • Mr. Jacques HELEVEN (Saint-Nicolas)
  • Mr. Jules JASSELETTE (Liège)
  • Mr. Hector MAGOTTE (Liège)
  • Mr. Jacques VANDEBOSCH (Seraing)

Other Members of the Board

  • Mr. Michele ALAIMO (Saint-Nicolas)
  • Mr. Robert BROUIR (Modave)
  • Mr. Marc CAPPA (Fléron)
  • Ms. Michèle CARTILIER (Ans)
  • Mr. Michel COLLARD (Huy)
  • Ms Mélanie COLLINGE (Anthisnes)
  • Ms Jeannine COMPERE (Beyne-Heusay)
  • Mr. Jean-Louis DELMOTTE (Seraing)
  • Mr. Maurice DEMOLIN (Province de Liège)
  • Mr. Jean-Pierre DIGNEFFE (Liège)
  • Mr. Claude EMONTS (Liège)
  • Mr. André GAUTHIER (Esneux)
  • Mr. Claude GELINE (Flémalle)
  • Mr. Marc GIELEN (Ouffet)
  • Mr. Pol HARTOG (Tinlot)
  • Mr. Franco IANIERI (Herstal)
  • Mr. Stéphane KARIGER (Visé)
  • Mr. Francis LEROY (Marchin)
  • Mr. Alain NAGELMACKERS (Trooz)
  • Ms. Angela QUARANTA (Grâce-Hollogne)
  • Mr. Gaston RUIZ (Esneux)
  • Mr. Christian SILVESTRE (Hamoir)
  • Ms. Muriel SMAL (Fléron)
  • Ms. Danielle VAN ESPEN (Chaudfontaine)
  • Mr. Norbert WEYTJENS (Herstal)


  • Mr. Pierre BOUHY, Directeur Général Adjoint de la S.W.D.E.
  • Mr. Roger CROUGHS, Directeur Général d’INTRADEL
  • Mr. Claude TELLINGS, Directeur Général de l’A.I.D.E.

Staff Delegates to the Governing Board

  • Ms Patricia BRASSEUR
  • Mr. Daniel LEPAILY
  • Mr. Henri WARLOMONT

College of Commissioners


  • Mr. Eric VANBRABANT, (Seraing)


  • Mr. Fernand DESCHAMPHELEIRE, (Liège)
  • Ms Maria DI FILIPPO, (Herstal)
  • Mr. Luc LEJEUNE, (Visé)
  • Mr. Michel PYPOPS, (Ans)

Control Committee

  • Ms. Audrey DENELLE, (Seraing)
  • Mr. Willy DELAITTE, (Ans)
  • Mr. Jean-Marc DIGNEFFE, (Herstal)
  • Ms. Françoise LOUIS, (Liège)
  • Ms. Marcelle DEFRAINE, (Awans)

General Manager

  • Mr. José STES
  • Projects and Outlook
    • Continue the replacement and strengthening of supply mains and pumping stations
    • Remote operation of Hydro-Electric stations
    • Security of water collection points and other constructions
    • Obtaining recognition of its laboratory (ISO Standard) as part of its continuing improvement of quality control
    • Developing underground water production capacity
    • Improving comfort levels associated with water use
    • Active participation in Walloon water policy development and implementation