Corporate Identity Sheet



Legal Status of Company

Public Limited Company (Société Anonyme - SA) incorporated under Belgian Law


General Manager

Mr. Vincent Pissart

Mr. Marc Huberty



Main activities

  • Drinking water production, waste water and sewage treatment


63, rue de la Légende

Post Code







04 2532224


04 2523115


8,600,000 €


45 employees

Main Activities and Areas of Expertise
  • Water and Sewage Treatment Processes
  • Electro-Mechanics
  • Research, conception, manufacturing and installation of electrical master cabinets
  • Research, conception, manufacturing and installation of pipe systems
  • Programmable automatic instruments and controls
  • Electronic Transmission, Remote Control and industrial data systems
  • Landfill leachates
Description of the Company

Balteau is an engineering firm specialising in water supply and treatment, and in the treatment of sewage and waste water. It has its own study and research service dealing with processing, electricity and hydrology. Balteau operates as an electro-mechanical for the assembly, installation and implementation of heavy duty electrical circuits and equipment.

Balteau was founded 25 years ago and has grown considerably through its work with the different Inter-Authority Water Agencies (SWE, CILE, AIVE, CIBE, etc.) and the different Inter-Authority Water and Sewage Treatment Agencies (AIDE, INASEO, IBW, IDEA, etc.) in Wallonia.

From this expertise base, Balteau offers services to the industrial and mining sectors. The company staff includes 12 engineers.

Balteau’s capacity to both design and build systems and products, has given it enormous expertise in on-site management, and consistent high levels of client satisfaction.

The Research Department and xelection and calculation of process systems, selection of materials and equipment, optimum management of investment and optimisation of costs.


Equipping wells, pumping stations, pressurisation at constant, or variable, levels.

Fabrication and Installation

Hydraulics, electrics, and electro-mechanical systems and processes. Assembly and implementation.

Waste Treatment

Industrial waste water, elimination of undesirable elements (Iron, Magnesium, etc.), disinfection, limestone-carbon balance, settling systems and tanks, filtration systems.


Activated sludge, tertiary treatment, rotary treatment tanks, sequential batch reactors, membrane systems, physical-chemical treatment, sludge drying.

Balteau has also developed and successfully operated a landfill leachates treatment system called PROLIX. This is a process of bio-degradation with membranes which allows the operator to meet the most stringent effluent criteria. This expertise has already been supplied to both public and private clients.

Balteau seeks to develop and apply its know-how in export markets, particularly in North Africa, the Congo and the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. It is looking for local partners with whom it can work to transfer its technology in the pumping, water and sewage treatment sectors.