Corporate Identity Sheet



Legal Status of the Company

Public Limited Company (Société Anonyme - SA) incorporated under Belgian Law


General Managers

Eric Van Sevenant

Mr. Claude Tellings, Mr. Pierre Brouhy


Main Activities


  • Organisation
  • Production
  • Collection
  • Supply
  • Public Supply
  • Private Supply
  • Sewage and Waste Water Treatment


Chaussée de Louvain 59-63

Post Code







+32 81 25 76 75


+32 81 65 78 10


3 employees

Particular Areas of Competence
  • Co-operation, co-ordination and information between water companies (producers, suppliers and waste water treatment operators) in Wallonia.
  • Addressing current water-related problems in Wallonia
  • Constitutes a permanent forum for professionals and experts in the water industry
  • Carries out a policy of communication and awareness-building towards the public.
Description of the Company

AQUAWAL was created on 12 December 2002 as a result of the merger of the non-profit-making association AQUAWAL (Walloon Regional Water Association) and the SOWE company (Company of Walloon Water Operators).

This merger forms an integral and obvious part of the Walloon government’s policy to rationalise and restructure the Walloon water industry.

The AQUAWAL company has taken over the activities and partnerships of the two components Asbl AQUAWAL and S.A. SOWE, and henceforth provides a means of intensifying co-operation between the Operators - while facilitating an integrated management of the entire water cycle.

The AQUAWAL company brings together the main water producer-suppliers with all the waste water and sewage treatment operators in Wallonia.

In the water production-supply sector it has 23 affiliates whose activities cover over 95% of water connections in Wallonia.

In the waste water and sewage treatment sector it brings together all eight agencies operating in this sector in Wallonia.

AQUAWAL’s objectives are multiple:

- To provide a co-ordinating body, and a forum for discussion, information and agreement for the producers and suppliers of water, and those treating waste water and sewage in the Region of Wallonia, and to represent them in different regional, national and international fora. (this is not on the latest website???)

- Through its different Technical Committees (“Waste and Sewage Treatment”, “Supply”, “Collection, Production and Quality of Water”, “Public Relations”, etc.) AQUAWAL deals with all current issues and provides a permanent forum for professionals and experts from the Walloon water sector.

AQUAWAL also has an active communications and awareness-building policy towards the general public. This policy is carried out in co-operation with the regional authorities through a range of initiatives such as the promotion of Walloon Water Days, the forthcoming development of the “Blue Line” a telephone water information service for the public, and the “School Drinking Water Fountains” programme.

AQUAWAL is an active partner in NITRAWAL within the context of the development of the Walloon Regional Programme for Sustainable Management of Agricultural Nitrates. This programme seeks to prevent water pollution from agricultural nitrates as specified in the European Nitrates Directive.