Corporate Identity Sheet


A.I.D.E. - The Inter-Authority Agency for Terrain Consolidation, Flood Protection, and Waste Water Treatment of the Local Authorities in the Province of Liege.

Legal Status of Company


Private Limited Company (Société Coopérative - SC) incorporated under Belgian Law.


General Manager

Jean-Claude Peeters

Claude Tellings



Main Activities


  • Sewage and Waste Water Treatment
  • Consultancy Services to Local Authorities
  • Terrain Consolidation and Flood Protection in the seven local authority areas of Flémalle, Saint-Nicolas, Seraing, Liège, Herstal, Oupeye, and Visé.


Rue de la Digue, 25

Post Code







04 / 234.96.96.


04 / 235.63.49.


Year 2002 :

Investment: 50,000,000 €

Operating Costs: 11,000,000 €


190 employees

Particular Areas of Competence
  • Design, construction and operation of sewage and waste water treatment plants
  • Design, construction and operation of flood protection installation
Description of the Company

The company AID was founded in 1928 to protect the plain of the coal-mining basin from flooding resulting from subsidence from mine workings. Seven local authority areas were involved: Flémalle, Saint-Nicolas, Seraing, Liège, Herstal, Oupeye, and Visé.

In 1976 AID became AIDE when it undertook the additional task of sewage waste water treatment. It was incorporated as a private limited company (SC).

Today AIDE designs, constructs and operates the sewage and waste water treatment infrastructure for 79 local authorities in the province of Liege - servicing about 1,000,000 inhabitants. There are 50 operational waste water treatment stations in operation, with several under construction. When the regional collective waste water management programme is completed in around 2012, the AIDE network will comprise more than 60 stations capable of servicing 1,500,000 Inhabitant-Equivalents (IEs).

In 1977 the Capital C - Sewage Assistance agency was created to assist local authorities in this sector. The assistance provided also covers semi-private waste water management systems undertaken within each local authority.

In June 2000, the three Liège Inter-Authority Agencies operating in water and waste management activities, AIDE, CILE and INTRADEL, took mutual holdings in each other's companies to create an "Environmental Pole". The aim being to actively reinforce the technical integration of the three Agencies and to ensure an ongoing improvement in its services to local authorities.